Featured Works

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Deamat Pay
A payment platform and a work in active progress, Deamat Pay is the future of online payment in Africa. Currently it works with Amole Dashne Bank's mobile payment platform. We are having communication with more payment service providers like CBE Birr, mBirr and Hello Cash. See more on project …
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e-commerce for Farmers
Deamat is an ecommerce platform that enables Farmers to go beyond layers and layers of commercial blocks and directly reach their buyers. It enables them to receive payments instantly using the integrated mobile payment solutions. The mobile application makes life easier for both the seller farmers and the buying consumers. See more on project …
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customized blogging platform
Mekelena is a blogging platform built upon wordpress. WordPress is the world's number 1 content management system. By building a custom theme and integrating several important features into wordpress we made it possible for Mekelena to create content with utmost flexibility. See more on project …
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Chewa Games
morale gaming.
Chewa is a gaming company that creates morale and unique ethiopian games that guide players in stories of morality to teach original values. It's also a social movement to create the leaders of the future. See more on project …
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Zewd SMS
better promotion
Zewd SMS is a work in progress. It intends to create a way to make SMS promotion easier. It lets promoters send bulk sms messages to a filtered list of users from their phones or computers. Zewd keeps a list of phone numbers of users in a certain region and filters the list for the promoter based on several criteria like age, occupation etc. See more on project …
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Guna Trading
An Official Website
Guna Trading manages its website using WordPress. We created a custom theme for it that enables administrators to add, update and remove content easily. The contact form delivers messages from all over the world directly to their inbox. And a lot more features. See more on project …