Chewa Games

Chewa means  Person with manner, Ethical, disciplined in our country Ethiopia 🙂

Chewa games is a company that teaches ethics and help children walk through a moral journey in a very fun and engaging manner using games that deliver culture-appropriate, localized, credible, parent-friendly values. The games teach children in a way that influences their behavior. Making them stars from the heart 😉

Major Features

User Authentication – users can login with different roles and manage different parts of the application. Also third party user authentications like Facebook and Google Sign in are integrated.

Searching – content searching is integrated by integrating Aloglia.

Email Notifications – are sent for different events to relevant users.

Media Management – there is a media uploader that works at different levels.

Translation – The system supports two languages.

Payment Integration – a separate service called Deamat Pay enables users to pay for their products using their Dashen Bank Accounts from their mobile phones.

And many more features …

Also take a look at and  Deamat Pay.