Deamat is an ecommerce platform that enables Farmers to go beyond layers and layers of commercial blocks and directly reach their buyers. It enables them to receive payments instantly using the integrated mobile payment solutions. The mobile application makes life easier for both the seller farmers and the buying consumers.

Major Features

User Authentication – users can login with different roles and manage different parts of the application. Also third party user authentications like Facebook and Google Sign in are integrated.

Searching – Instantly searching for products integrated with Algolia.

Email Notifications – are sent for different events to relevant users.

Media Management – there is a media uploader that works at different levels.

Payment Integration – a separate service called Deamat Pay enables users to pay for their products using their Dashen Bank Accounts from their mobile phones.

Translation – The system supports two languages.

And many more features …

Also take a look at Deamat Pay.